Preventing a Green Pool in Tucson

Summer is still in full swing here in the desert Southwest of Tucson, Arizona, but colder months are not far away. Since Tucson never gets truly cold (according to those snowbirds, anyway), uncovering your pool to find it a disgusting shade of green is always a possibility. The fact of the matter is that the best way to get rid of a green pool is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. That can seem like a daunting task, but a little dilligence (and elbow grease) can get you squared away.

Watching That pH Balance

The single most important factor to keeping your pool a nice shade of blue instead of a sickening green is watching the pH balance. In relation to your pool, pH is the acid-alkaline balance. This delicate balance must be kept in harmony, because going too far in either direction can have catastrophic results. The trouble here is that swimming in your pool introduces new elements to that balance, and therefore requires constant maintenance to keep it from swinging out of control. Too low and your pool feels like acid; too high and your pool turns green.

Keep It Clean

Just as swimming in your pool can lead to it turning green if you don’t watch the pH balance, so can letting your pool get dirty. Here in Tucson we have high winds which carry everything from dirt to leaves and debris, and we have lots of critters which may be looking for a source of water. These things can all lead to that pH balance spiraling out of control, so regular pool cleaning is very important if you want to be able to swim at any time of year. Choosing to let this go can be a big deal, and not just for the state of your pool’s water; a dirty pool can damage the equipment and the walls of your pool. This leads to costly repairs which could have been avoided.


Maintain Your Filter

Your pool equipment is a huge part of the regimen which comes along with keeping your pool clean. For every piece of debris you see in your pool, there are countless more which your equipment caught and filtered out. Your pool’s filter won’t last forever though, and if you don’t maintain it, it’ll get damaged even faster.  Backwashing your filter, whether it’s a sand filter or a DE filter, is a crucial part of the job. Make sure you’re doing this, or you’re likely to end up with a green pool and a dead filter, which will cost you big.

In Doubt? Hire A Pro

If this all sounds like a lot more work that you figured it would be, or if you’d rather just leave it in the hands of the pros, you are always welcome to give Northwest Pool Care a call. We’ve been maintaining pools in Tucson for a long time, and we specialize in making sure that you never see the color green when you look into your water. We are absolutely the best at this, and we are happy to show you why our customers agree with that. Give us a call at 520.382.7600 to get started.

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